About Us

Being a Sneaker Freaker is a way of life for us and we've always struggled to find tops to go with our fresh and fly footwear, that's how we came up with Foot Balla the brand. We have produced some fly Tee's with amazing detail and graphics.

These Tee's are not screen printed, they are high res vinyl prints designed to go with the Air Max 1 Beast, Animal, Elephants and the infamous '87 Safari. The logo 1987, for those who do not know why we chose that year, was to pay homage to the first Nike to feature a visible Air Unit in the midsole.

This was the year the Air Max 1 was born, and don't we just love that shoe. Over 25 years later the very same shoe is going stronger than ever, and we would like to thank Mr Tinker Hatfield for creating this ground breaking shoe for us to rock and roll in.

For all the lovers of Air Max 1s out there, we hope you like what we have done. AKA, AM1, AKA, 87s, AKA, 1s. 

  • We are sneaker lovers with a vision 
  • We started off just loving sneakers but as colour-ways became hotter and hotter, so came thoughts that there was nothing suitable to wear with them. That's when Foot Balla was born
  • We are located in the UK 
  • We've been collecting sneakers since 1987 when the first Air Max 1 was born. So if there is a market we have total knowledge of its this one
  • This is our first-born label to coincide with the Air Max 1 series
  • We are here to make your dreams a reality
  • Enjoy our products as there are plenty more to come