Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY


Foot-Balla T-Shirt "3.26" 1987 AIR MAX DAY


Foot-Balla keeps with the Air Max Day theme, dropping the long awaited prototype air max 1 hook up Tee.

The shoe it self was released in 2014 and was the first in a series of what we now know as Air Max Day (AMD). This on going project involving past unreleased Air Max's that were designed by the legend Tinker Hatfield.

having dropped the OG red tee several weeks ago we thought to slide this t-shirt in the mix. The first images of the sample t-shirt was made for the flyknit event in China and worn by Stevey Ryder the CEO of Foot-Balla and Master Of Air. It was truly an eye catcher and was complemented countless times by the sneaker lovers in Shanghai and Beijing.  

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From the days of it's creation back in 1986 the prototype Air Max 1 which officially released in 1987 in all its glory Changed the game forever. There was nothing like it on the planet "A sneaker with a visible Air Bubble" to this day no brand has come close to making such a beautiful looking shoe  and can safely say that it still after 29 Years still a strong contender in the game of sneakers. The shoe re surfaced back in the late 90s in the original colours and has to this day been the flagship for the Nike Air Max 1 respectively and is considered a grail among foot-balla's/sneaker Lovers worldwide.  

Please feel free to check out our blog on this site for more details of the day and pictures in the next few days 

Not seen anything Hot like this to match the shoes? We got that heat.



Foot-Balla logo: Shadow with gloss black and pink (morning glory)

The 87 located to the front and 3.26 on the shoulders in red felt to mimic the suede on the shoe.

The 19 on the front is in neon with a small 3.26 in grey felt.

Perfect match again made with passion and un-denied attention to detail. 


A must have cop for that fitted look,

Soft cotton, pre shrunk Tee's 

Quality, Stylish, Iconic, Future Classic 



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