Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR
Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR


Foot-Balla T-Shirt "Og blend” GR


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As the anniversary of the aqua and obsidian Nike Air Max 1 is upon us we celebrate the year with a dope mix of Og tees and hoodies

2018 Foot-Balla takes you on yet another epic journey, This time showing love to the Air Max 1 Og blend gr that released back in 2011 in two colourways, with a nod to the og red and Og blue this pair was a must for the Og lovers. 


History of the Air Max 1

The Nike Air Max 1 Og red made a return back in 88 but this time Nike remastered the mid-sole with a smaller Air Bubble (respectively). This was the only change to the structure of the shoe. Being the 1st official Air Max 1 colourway to drop back in 87 and made a hasty return for 1988 which was a men’s colourway. All 4 colours released last year and teamed up with our tees they all blend perfectly with jeans, navy or beige Chipie cords or chino's and a nice tee to top it off 

Taking it back to the release of these particular sneakers there really was nothing like it on the planet "A sneaker with a visible Air Bubble" to this day no brand has come close to making such a beautiful looking shoe and can safely say that it still after 30 Years still a strong contender in the game of sneakers.    

Foot-Balla brings you the an alternative all new Og blend red tee for 2018. The classic tee to complement the Kicks returns in a Navy blue  Base tee with red and white graphics to the front and a box logo to the waist band area. 

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 This Tee was created to match up with the Nike Original blend Air Max 87, now commonly known as the Air Max 1.

The Nike Air Max 1 is considered a grail among foot-balla's/sneaker Lovers worldwide. 

Not seen anything Hot like this to match the shoes? We got that heat.

Foot-Balla logo In a striped box to resemble the original box located to the front, the 19 in white with the 87 in Og red.

This one is plain back with no graphics.

Please note All 2018 tees come with the option to have graphics at the front and back to accommodate the low-key Foot Balla’s ;) 


This perfects the look to match to swoosh on the sneakers/trainers. Perfect hook up again made with passion and un-denied attention to detail. 

A must have cop for that fitted look,

Soft cotton, pre shrunk Tee's 

Quality, Stylish, Iconic, Future Classic 



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